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7 August 2017

The Office Cleaning Oakville Custodial Companies Provide Will Make Your Place Clean And Healthy

By Harold Gray

Your office building gets dirty each day. All day long your employees, guests, and visitors come and go. They also throw trash in the cans and recyclables in that container. They use the restrooms and come in through the lobby. All of these spaces, including, of course, the offices and cubicles, themselves, get debris on the floor and drink spills on everything else. The idea that you can get your employees to get everything cleaned up has been tried and is met with mixed reviews. The best way to get all of this taken care of is to contact the professional office cleaning Oakville custodial companies offer.

Each custodial firm will have their own specialties. Most of them will offer office cleaning along with their other interests. The specialties will include chemical or food processing sites and or manufacturing or assembly facilities. Getting them for your offices will help you understand the flexibility most of them will provide.

Your hard offices or the ones with solid walls will have tasks that need to be performed each evening. These include dusting of all horizontal surfaces, such as desks, shelving, and credenzas. Window, door and picture frames also need this dusting attention. Many of those surfaces, especially the desk will spot wet cleaning to remove drink and food spills as well as food crumbs.

The cubicles also have desks, shelves, and pictures. They do not, ordinarily, have windows or doors, but they do have partitions that attract a lot of dust and dirt. These can be covered in fabric, in many cases, and they must be vacuumed and shampooed on occasion. These spaces are where the largest percentage of our employees work, so they are critical to your business and to the cleaning firm to get right.

The chairs in each of these units will also need attention. Hard wood or metal ones must be dusted and wiped down as appropriate. If they are fabric they must also be vacuumed regularly. The cleaning company will suggest a frequency based on their condition during the initial cleaning session. One of the dirtiest surfaces is, of course, the floor. They will be swept and mopped or vacuumed as conditions demand.

The other spaces of very important nature are also included in the office areas. One of these will be the lobby. This is the first impression area everyone sees when they come in. The door should be clean and, if there is glass in it, that should be dust and smudge free. The sparkling appearance of this, as well as the dust free reception desk or counter, will welcome everyone into your place of business.

Restrooms, just down the hall are also part of this space. They will need to be cleaned, from top to bottom, including ceiling vents, ceilings, walls and paper and soap dispensers. The toilets will be scrubbed as are all urinals, sinks, and mirrors. A fresh fragrance will then be present if any at all.

Of special interest are the floors throughout the entire area. There will be some that need sweeping and mopping and others that must be vacuumed and, on occasion, shampooed. The hard surface tiled floors should also be scrubbed, occasionally and recoated as necessary. This can be scheduled as appropriate when the need arises.

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