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12 August 2017

Learn About The Many Purposes And Benefits Of Marker Flags For Crops

By Douglas Watson

Men and women who have worked in the field of agriculture are aware of the importance of applying necessary agricultural techniques. By applying these methods, efficiency in growing certain plants can be increased by multitudes. An essential factor that should not be neglected is applying the necessary supplements that they need, like herbicides.

Luckily, people have come up with ways to remedy this problem. For instance, men and women often make use of marker flags for crops to help them in their gardening. To discover the many uses and benefits of this item, read on below.

The main purpose of these items is to help the workers in identifying the difference between crops. By being able to differentiate between them, they are able to apply only the needed pesticides that each type of crop needs. Due to its usefulness, plenty of workers make use of it in their line of work.

Its distinguishing feature is the many colors it usually comes with. Specific colors mean different functions for farmers and it helps them identify which portions in a field require certain chemicals, and which do not. For example, red is for conventional shrubs which do not need any supplements, while bright yellow requires Clearfield technology. Another color used is black and white checkered, which means it requires the use of dicamba or Xtend technology.

These items also come in various sizes. The analogy applied here is that smaller fields will suffice with using smaller sized flags, while larger fields will need bigger ones, so workers can spot them from a far off distance. Its standard size is 12 by 18 inches, and is usually a triangular shape. It can be installed by mounting it using a fiberglass pole.

The great thing about these flags is its durability. They are often specially made by suppliers to make them incredibly durable and resistant to different weather conditions. Even though it has a fairly simple design, it has the capacity to withstand the test of time. Due to this, plenty of gardeners make use of it in their line of work.

These items come in various sizes and colors, which make them incredibly easy and versatile to use. Due to this, plenty of people like to make use of them in their work. Aside from the standard labeling of colors, men and women have the option of assigning different colors for various purposes in the field.

Another advantage is its availability factor. A quick trip to a hardware store will provide plenty of choices for the consumer. However, if no stores currently have them available, plenty of manufacturers can be contacted so people can order from them directly. This is a great idea if the consumer is planning on purchasing it in bulk because they will usually provide a discount.

Operating a farm requires hard work and having the sufficient amount of funds. Funds are required to operate and maintain the different equipment and products used. The great thing with using flags is their cheap price, without comprising the quality. Since they are a cost effective way to label parts of a field, people make use of them a lot.

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