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8 August 2017

Have Fun Blogging About Self Improvement

By Ruth Carter

All of us have had life experiences. Some of these will have been triumphs, while others may have been the most ghastly mistakes. However, we have learned even from our mistakes. Passing this learning on is fun on many levels, and sending our thoughts out into cyberspace is liberating. It can also be helpful to others who need encouragement or comfort. Blogging about self improvement is satisfying and just might be a lifeline thrown out to a floundering soul.

On one level, there is the fact that we all like talking about ourselves. Doing so to friends or family may be hard. We may be alone, or they may be easily bored. In cyberspace, we have a captive audience - and we won't know if no one is listening. There are other ways that sending our messages out benefit us, too.

There's another benefit to expressing our deepest feelings and insights. It often helps us clarify our thoughts if we write them down and bring them into coherent order. Since we don't necessarily understand ourselves, the discipline of organizing thoughts and drawing useful conclusions can be enlightening for us as well as others.

On another level, who doesn't like telling others what to do? Even the most insecure of us, without a smidgen of assertiveness, have our hidden strengths and perceptions. We do have something to pass on to others who need to hear it. If we can see warning signs to disastrous steps or behavior that we missed the first time around, maybe we can help others open their eyes and escape a similar fate.

Level three: it just may be that our perspective on life, love, work, parenting, being a son or daughter or sibling, or getting along on not-quite-enough of some vital thing could really help someone else. Doing good is a human instinct that gives great satisfaction, and we may not have enough of that emotion in our lives. In helping others, we get our reward in the inner glow of doing a good deed.

Think of the pivotal moments in your life. Maybe you had a job you loved but a new manager completely changed things. Did you throw a tantrum, suffer in silence, or find a way to adapt? Did leaving a place you had felt comfortable in launch you into a new and better place, or did you quit and learn to live on peanuts? Is a job a job and worth hanging onto, or was marching to your own drum worth the risks?

Not in the workplace? Blog on parenting, growing tomatoes on the balcony, making the day better for those you encounter in your daily routine, or teaching yourself to type. Writing an internet blog is much more fun than doing those boring exercises on the typing tutorials. If you or your readers get up to speed, there are medical transcript jobs out there that make a nice supplement to a fixed income.

Maybe you will become famous, if not rich, through blogging. Think of what could have been if Erma Bombeck had had a PC. Maybe you will build a following online that rivals the newspaper audience of Dear Abby. It's something to consider - and you 'can do it from the privacy of your own home'.

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