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12 July 2017

Working With Your Spouse In Marriage Counseling MI

By Sarah Sullivan

The sooner you begin to work on your marriage and repair the damages, the sooner you will be able to move on and reconnect with your partner. There is no doubt, marriage is a journey and it takes a lot of hard work, discipline and commitment. It is not always easy to handle various issues on your own. That is why many people invest in marriage counseling MI.

The benefit of this type of counseling is that it takes less time to work through your problems as well. Most therapists will focus on the here and now. It is not like individual counseling, where the therapist will usually look at childhood problems and how they are affecting you now. On occasion, a therapist may refer to this, but only if she or he thinks that it is affecting the marriage.

An example of this is where a spouse has been abused as a child. They may be triggered in certain situations. They may be struggling with intimacy, and this obviously affects the marriage. It can create a lot of tension and friction. This is where the individual needs to deal with the underlying problem. It will then help with the relationship.

Of course, there will be people who are skeptical. Some people are reluctant going to a therapist's office and talking to someone about their problems. They may rather discuss this with their best friend. However, the therapist will have ways in dealing with people like this. They will establish trust. They will motivate them by assigning them tasks.

A couple may have problems communicating, which is very common. This is where the professional can be so helpful. They will help to determine where the problem lies by analyses how the couple interacts. The one partner may be more aggressive or assertive, while the other spouse may be bottling up their feelings. The counselor may introduce role play as a technique which helps with the communication process.

People are still skeptical about therapy, after witnessing what others have been through. It may still have a stigma attached. People feel weak exposing their feelings and emotions to someone that they don't know. However, it actually takes great courage becoming vulnerable like this.

When you first get married, you are in a moment in time where you in heaven. You don't expect anything to go wrong. However, this is nothing like it was before when you were single. There are complications that come up. You have to attend to your finances. You have to look at your responsibilities. You may be planning a family and this is more stressful.

Some couples find that they are drifting apart and need to find a way in which they can deal with this. There are therapists who are more practical. They will talk about where things started to go wrong. There may be a change in lifestyle. They will look into practical solutions, such as sticking to a schedule so that they can spend more time together.

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