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30 July 2017

Why Embroidered Polo Lessons Nj Shirts Are The Perfect Corporate Clothing Solution

By Margaret Cox

Corporate Polo Shirts are the basis of many companies staff uniform but how do you ensure you get it right for your company? Smarter than a T-shirt and less formal than a shirt, the Corporate Polo can often provide just the right balance between style and substance, but like any item of corporate clothing it must be suitable for the working environment and be able to deliver wearer comfort and value-for-money during polo lessons nj.

Currently, polo shirts come in different colors and styles. Some are pure in color while others are stripy. Nearly all clothing companies fabricate them. Customized shirts are very famous in the corporate setting. Colleges choose to show their school spirit by wearing customized shirts. They are not difficult to wash, can be donned with almost all articles of clothing and are very comfortable to wear. Even children love to wear promotional logo polos!

Polos seem to offer just the right level of 'smart' (a collar and a banded sleeve make a dark colored game shirt look quite traditional) while being comfortable. The popularity of game shirts in fashion means that people are comfortable wearing them and they are not overly formal or intimidating to customers. To up the style stakes, game shirts can come in the traditional mesh or a softer cotton jersey material, called Pima.

In this regard, the choice between Cotton and Polyester (or a mix of the two) is just as relevant as the weight of the fabric itself: Cotton is a natural fibre and is therefore kind to the skin and comfortable to wear BUT a synthetic fabric, such as Polyester, is more robust and easier to care for. This is why the majority of Corporate Shirts are made of fabric with a mix of both Cotton & Polyester fibers- The exact choice depends on a number of factors, so it is best to talk to your supplier for specific advice, but as a rule of thumb, Cotton Shirts in 220 to 250gsm weight fabric will normally be reserved for office and clerical staff, whilst Cotton/Polyester in 180 to 220gsm weight are mainly used for Company Shirts in light industrial fabrication & engineering.

A huge consideration when buying workwear is how well items will last. Bearing in mind that items might be worn for up to 40 hours a week (much more than you would wear any of your 'out of office' attire) the corporate clothing that you select needs to wear well, resisting creases and looking good day after day. More formal shirts can look tired by 5 pm but a game will still look fresh.

Customers First! - Bear in mind that you'll be handing out this as a promotional item. It's not planned for your use only. Make sure that you choose the right design that will fit everyone. Logo imprinted shirts will be even more pleasing if it can be used by people of all forms.

Always verify quality - You may suppose that you've just arrived at the bargain of your life with the value you settled with, but you could be gearing up for a future headache if you're not cautious enough. Some of these items look good at first but shrink after the first wash. Be very conscious of the brand of shirt you are getting. If you already have a tried and tested attire brand then goes for it. The likelihood of you getting double-crossed will be slim.

So- if an embroidered polo shirt is an obvious choice for corporate clothing what makes a good embroidered polo shirt stand out from the crowd? Well good pique polos are 100% combed cotton - they're hefty enough to hold their shape while the combed cotton makes them soft to the touch. Pima polos should offer the softest double combed Peruvian cotton in a range of colors and sizes. A good supplier will offer feminine fit, petite and tall fits and sizes from XS-5XL. A great quality polo shirts have finished seams and no curl collars so that wash after wash, they are still looking their best.

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