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4 July 2017

The Different Types Of Laminated Panels And How You Can Use It

By Arthur Carter

Designing a home interior is one of the most important details you have to include coming up with your own property. With this, you must know what will be the motif of your property. Although hiring a good designer may need you to spend a reasonable amount, there are also ways that you are able to save by knowing what materials could be used instead of some suggested but expensive ones.

One of these materials is usually used for walls, floors, roof, and even for other details of your home like your stock areas. Laminated Panels Southern CA, a cheap but worthy choice, can provide you with such versatility and durability for your house. But before deciding which one to take, it would be best to get an idea of the different types it has.

Laminated panels are made from a high density fiber wood. These are highly durable as it contains a plastic layer that adds to the protection of this material. There are a lot of sizes to choose from for this material, most of the time, it can vary from one eight to a half and even three eight. Usually, these are used for flooring, walls, roofs, road cases, and even for boxes. There are a lot of types of laminates depending on its manufacturing process, usage, surface finish, advanced properties, and built.

But first, it is better if you understand the difference between a laminate and a plywood. Without any knowledge, you may assume at first glance that these two are the same substances. But respectively, these two have certain differences specifically with how it was produced. Laminates are made from high density fiber with a mixture of melamine resin. On another note, plywoods are wood veneers, which are thinner sheets.

Basing on its manufacture process, two types are known. One is a Low Pressure and the other is the high pressure. The LPL is soaked in melamine resins and are left to dry naturally and uses heat for bonding. On one hand, the HPL is harder decorative sheets where a cold process is used put plywood and MDF together.

Next is the decorative and industrial covers. The decorative mostly caters to beautifying furniture or wall interiors. On the other hand, your industrial laminate is expected to keep the durability of your floors as it is designed to handle a heavy foot traffic.

The surface finish is also another factor to distinguish another kind of this wooden sheet. A Matt and texture touch would be best when used in corporate and business offices. This could add up to a fine and professional interior. For a more accommodating and secluded design, you can use glossy and metallic finishes for clubs and showrooms. Lastly, solid colors would be best for kitchens and bathrooms.

The sheets which are used in the kitchen and other industries, particularly factories, fire resistant flooring or walls are used. There are also antibacterial ones which are used in hospitals. Other types are electrostatic dissipative, magnetic and marker or chalkboard.

Lastly, there are also differences in types depending on its built. One comes with a more decorative benefit and the other comes with an economical use. Decorative refers to unicore while the other one is noncore.

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