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22 July 2017

The Attributes Of Sheryl Sandberg

By Jennifer King

There are few celebrated women in the leadership positions than men. Those who manage to make it to these posts pass through various struggles especially due to their gender. However, sheryl sandberg gives advice to young ladies to work hard in their daily undertakings to realize their dreams. She has been ranked at the highest positions as one of the most successful women in the world. Her advice to women has been outlined below.

Cooperation is a major factor in helping people to achieve huge goals. When people work as a group towards a common goal, they contribute ideas and effort thus making it easy to accomplish a given purpose. The contribution of every individual is useful as Sheryl puts it and plays a significant role in the final product. Involvement of different people helps them to capitalize on their strongholds and aid each other on their flaws.

One has to be ready for criticism. Getting to the top in the current structures takes a lot of hard work and disappointments. Great women manage to overcome these struggles, but they also face criticism for asking women to lean on their careers. Despite the critics, one has to be ready to keep the head level and find solutions to such. One has to accept that not everybody will agree with their stand towards something and therefore not to give much attention to critics.

The road to leadership positions is not a straight line. There are obstacles along the way, and one has to go around them to reach the apex. Sandburg had to overcome the challenges that she faced when she felt depressed after being widowed. Fighting against your inner self will help you win against any external force that may come in your way. Therefore, one has to take up from scratch and beat all odds.

Networking is among core factors that can assist you to achieve your dreams. Sheryl associates with other women holding executive positions to enable her dreams to be heard. These ladies inspire other women in seminars by enlightening them on what it takes to become successful. While in Silicon Valley she inspired many women and enabled them to open their eyes to the issues that they face within society.

Being courageous and speaking up. Sandburg has never been afraid to talk about her stand on women leadership. This has generated a worldwide audience that has shared these ideas and implemented them to better their lives. As such, one has to go against all the odds and speak out what you think can add value to the society.

Find a dream and propagate it. If you have a powerful and influential dream, work hard towards realizing it, and you will get followers depending on your perspective. To get her dream and voice heard, she articulates it using her position and the influence she has managed to achieve. This has enabled her to reach out to many women worldwide, and her advice has born fruits.

Be open to opportunities. Sheryl did not limit herself in the professional studies she has attained. Your career does not have to be defined by the education specialization field. This way you will be ready to take any path, and thus your destiny will be brighter. Being ready to welcome new opportunities and ideas will enable one to accomplish more things in life.

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