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23 July 2017

For Pure Goldendoodle Puppies Ohio Is The Way To Go

By Melissa Morris

Golden doodle dog is a cross breed of two different dog breeds, that is, the poodle and the golden retriever. The dog inherits characteristics of both dogs mutually with a few exceptions. Certain factors as the gender and health of the two breeders are believed to be the cause of these exceptional cases. Golden doodle is superior as compared to its two parents. To buy goldendoodle puppies Ohio should be given priority.

The puppies grow to be 1 foot and 10 inches tall in terms of their physical description. Their weight can reach an estimated 50vpounds though it varies. There are several factors that determine the weight of the puppies. These factors include diet, age, and the health. Ten to fifteen years is the range of the lifespan. There are some factors that may cause the lifespan of the dog to be shorter. Fire and poison are examples of factors that might reduce the lifespan of a puppy.

The golden doodle pups are advantageous to their owners especially during the training and this can be seen when they are still young. The puppies are good learners and capture each and every skill taught by the owner. These pups are able to master the even the most complex tricks taught and internalize them those that average dogs are unable to get.

Decision making is wisely made by the golden doodles unlike the other ordinary dogs that find it difficult or unaware of making decisions. The degree of intelligence of the puppy can be contributed to by the environment and setting in which they grew up in as pups. Intelligent dogs are found in an active environment compared to those from the dormant environment.

Golden doodle are very friendly creatures and will befriend any potential ally whether human or dog. Friendliness makes it easy for anyone to live and co-exist with dog and that is why the doodle pups are a favorite to most people as pets. The doodle pups love to spend ample time next to their owners enjoying being caressed and massaged.

The adaptability of these pups makes them a good choice of pet in the home. They are able to withstand any condition ranging from harsh weather conditions such as hot climate and cold climate to loneliness. Most of them adapt differently from the other dogs to the new environment. For example a regular dog barks on sight of stranger while a doodle remains calm until the stranger starts a commotion.

Their fur is continuously brushed. Whenever the hair is trimmed, the golden doodles become lively. They are likely to be therapy dogs, even guide dogs, service dogs or good sniffer dogs. Because of their small bodies, they tend to have powerful legs.

The golden doodle puppies have good character traits to be emulated by other dogs. However the golden doodle pups have their disadvantage as they suffer from separation anxiety when they are separated from their master. This affects the puppy badly and may result in overall illness. They are also a nuisance as they frequently demand for attention from their owners disturbing their peace

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