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24 July 2017

For Commercial Sod Installation Minnesota Presents A Perfect Location To Go

By Janet Allen

The process by which the ground is covered with grass with roots and a thin soil layer is referred to as sod installation. In order to use sod fields, temporary or instant ground cover is required. The sod can also be used where lawn is not able to grow. To control floods and soil erosion in areas prone to them, installing sod is necessary. To hire a service for Commercial Sod Installation Minnesota needs to be prioritized

In order to install sod successfully it is vital to adhere to a guideline in order to escape consequences that accompany a bad installation. Sod that is properly installed should be able to flourish and adapt the conditions in the new environment. Drying or damaged sod should be a clear signal that the turf installation procedure was bad.

It is advisable to take soil samples for testing before considering the installing sod on a piece of land. Soil testing is important in order to determine soil properties such as the ph. The turf used in when installing establishes well especially in slightly acidic soils. Turfs also do very well when they are placed on well aerated soils having a longer lifespan.

After the soil testing to see if it is suitable for sod installation, measuring of the area in which the sod is to be placed follows. This is vital as it helps in estimating the amount of turf to be ordered from manufacturers and this gives the landowner some economic advantages. In placing of the order one is to order 4-6% more of sod than the actual amount required. The extra amount of sod is used as a backup in incidences of damage when installing.

Organic fertilizer plays a very crucial role in the well-being of the sod. Manure provides the necessary nutrients for the turf to grow faster and become greener as well. Manure should be incorporated into the soil to form a uniform mixture before the turf can be installed. However, Manure application should be regulated as excess application can scorch the sod instead.

After the application of manure is done what follows next is leveling. The process of leveling the ground guarantees the laying of the turf on a flat base making it so appealing. Several methods are used when leveling. This includes them use of a rake that is mostly used by people as it is cheap to purchase. Manually spreading can also be used if it is done properly.

Turf placement comes after the leveling. The turf is unrolled carefully while it is placed on the ground in order to avoid any damages. The unrolled turf is laid on the field. The throwing of turf in different manners should be discouraged as it can destroy the root system of the sod. In case of the need to change ones position it advisable to carry the turf than to grad it as it might be spoiled in the process.

After correct installation is done, seams which appear between the turfs may be filled. The filling is done by cutting the sods into required shapes and sizes that can fill the gap. Finally the sods should be watered hence the final procedure of installing the sod. Water is essential for the growth of sods.

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