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21 June 2017

Tips In Searching For An Authentic Chinese Restaurant

By David Brown

People are into eating foods and specially those from other countries due to their wants of trying to eat something new. Luckily, visiting other countries is not necessary for tasting these dishes because cities such as Baltimore have foreign restaurants available. This gives you the chance to try out those you were not able to eat before.

But some restaurants do not offer food with an authentic taste than what it has originally back at its home country. They have the tendency to change its flavors to fit better with the locals by fusing the flavors most people there like. So searching an authentic Chinese restaurant Baltimore has is important in having a real experience with Chinese foods.

One of the things you can do is to check if the place is crowded with patrons and more specially if there is a waiting list outside. This would show that they serve delicious food because people want to come inside. If the majority of the patrons are Chinese then that is better because it indicates that the taste is identical to what they have back at home.

People which are traveling abroad will be looking for familiar things and would prefer establishments serving authentic tastes. You could also observe what are on their table and order those which look delicious for you. You would probably get a food with more real tasting flavor that most Chinese people like eating.

A place with many tables but not have many guests will probably have food that are not as fresh as you hope they would be. Likewise, those offering takeout with no tables would likely not create authentic dishes. It is also important to eat somewhere that looks clean and avoid those that are not, no matter what kind of restaurant they are.

Research what the regional specialty of the restaurant is because a large place like China have different areas which mastered different dishes. The northern region specialties are steamed buns, dumplings and noodles because grains commonly grow in these areas. Rice and dishes with vegetables are the specialty of southeastern region with international influences.

The southern ones specialize in steam fish and other sea foods and their cooking is light and uses copious ginger. Southwestern parts are landlocked which makes ordering shrimps and fishes not a great idea although they still have the freshwater variety. Their dishes tend to be spicy and flavored with prickly ash which leaves a tingling and numbing sensation to the tongue.

Some restaurants have names that tends to be based on what region they are from but be careful of those which uses city names. They may not represent the actual real taste from that city but uses them just to have brand recognition. Look at the list of ingredients in the dish and the way it is cooked because its name does not represent it well.

Their original names have a poetic meaning compared to their literal translations. Some have colorful history to describe their taste. Buffet restaurants must be avoided due to their freshness being compromised by heating them longer.

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