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15 June 2017

This Is When You Need A Proper Estate Plan

By Allan Bigarda

When you head to work each morning, you do so for several reasons. You have to pay the bills, you want to stay busy, and you're interested in leaving a mark on the world, no matter how slight that indent may be. You want your work to mean something, and when your career comes to an end, you want to walk away with the money you require to retire in peace. How can you make sure these dreams become a reality? You need an estate plan, now.

Every year, men and women from around the country head to Florida to retire. When they do, they need to know their estates are secure. Find a trusted, reputable estate planning lawyer in the TriCounty FL area.

Things like money, property and any other assets you have must be given to someone upon your eventual death. If you do not have a proper will and estate plan in place, then there may be a lot of questions about who gets what. Your family members may have to go to court and pay a lot of money to lawyers to figure things out, unless you work with a planner first.

Waiting is a bad idea, for you do not know when you might pass. Get things in order today.

You have a lot to consider when you create a plan. You need to know the amount of federal and state taxes that will be needed to be paid when you pass. You can't afford to push off advanced directives and powers of attorney any longer. Your family and your medical professionals need to know how you want your money to be distributed.

You also must leave medical advice, so your loved ones know if you want to be resuscitated or left on a ventilator. This is also part of a greater estate plan, so do not hesitate to get one in place. Your family will be so happy that you did, and you can live the rest of your life with some peace of mind.

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