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4 June 2017

Super Success With Tile Patterns

By Bill Peterson

Adding tile to your home can be an exciting project. However, before getting started choosing tile patterns you will need to know a few things first. So here are some of the most important facts you will want to take into consideration before making any decisions at all.

You will definitely want to take some time when picking a layout. Each one has certain areas where it will work best. For example many options are more suited for use as floor tile patterns while others may look their best on the wall. So be sure to do your homework first on what options will work in your space. Doing so will help to make sure you end up happy.

There is a very simple way to add to the appeal of any layout that is very often overlooked. Picking a tile color or more than one for that matter, that mesh well with the color scheme of the room can give you results that are truly impressive. If you like the look of contrasting colors you may want to think about one of the tile layout patterns that uses them such as the checkerboard.

If money is tight or you just like the idea of saving as much as possible you may want to complete the job on your own. Fortunately there are a few tiling patterns that are both easy and quite forgiving. The running bond and straight lay are two such examples that don't require any real experience. However, you since you will most likely need to do some cutting at least a good pair of tile nippers and a snap cutter are required.

When looking at other people's installations you will see that there are quite a few extremely popular options. Tile laying patterns like the herringbone and Versailles can be seen in homes around the world. Another common choice is the pinwheel which can be stunning when two different colors are used.

It's important to choose something that you personally like. However, by asking a professional for a second opinion you will be hedging your bet for success. They will have the experience to guide you in the right direction as to what tile pattern will work in your space.

With the info you just learned you're ready to get started with tile patterns. Keeping them in mind will keep you on the right path for success while making sure you don't meet any of the common pitfalls. And remember, asking a professional for advice even if you are doing the job on your own, can be huge help and well-worth paying for.

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