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19 June 2017

Reasons To Use A Tree Service Bozeman

By Gary Bailey

If you have trees and shrubs on your property, they can make it appear more attractive. However, it is essential to maintain them in the right manner. You can achieve this by using the services of tree experts, who are also referred to as arborists. These professionals can handle many different kinds of tree problems. By using a tree service Bozeman residents can rest assured that their trees will remain healthy and beautiful.

One essential service provided by tree professionals is pruning. Pruning trees offers many benefits and one of the major ones is safety. You should ensure that branches overhanging a house or brushing against it are removed. If some branches are blocking visibility close to intersections and streets, they should be pruned. Branches that rub against each other and the ones that are dead should also be trimmed away. Arborists use proper pruning techniques that help trees develop stronger roots. Pruning also helps to improve the appearance of trees.

Arborists can also help you to handle powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is common during the summer season. This problem is caused by lack of moisture at the roots of trees and poor circulation of air. This occurs often on oaks, catalpas and maples. Arborists can easily eliminate this problem by carrying out mulching and preventing the usage of products with high nitrogen content.

Another problem that arborists handle is drought stress. It is important for trees to be well watered throughout the year. During the dry season, trees should be irrigated. If this is not done, the trees can experience drought stress. Some signs of this issue include early fall color, browning leaves, tree decline and a higher susceptibility to insects and disease. Arborists can assist their clients to maintain their trees perfectly.

Arborists can also help you to handle nutrient deficiency. Trees are sometimes not suited to the region where they are planted and they suffer from deficiencies in iron, manganese or other macro and micro nutrients. Some symptoms of nutrient deficiency are poor flower and fruit production, yellowing of leaves and stunted growth. Arborists can solve this issue by adding nutrients to the trees so that they can be healthy.

The other issue that arborists can assist you to deal with is pest infestation. Pests can infest trees due to dead leaves or branches and poor pruning. When trees are infested by pests, they can become diseased. The garden or backyard where the trees are planted can also be unsafe for children. With the assistance of arborists, you can eliminate pests to improve the health of trees and the appearance of your property.

Arborists also deal with soil compaction and unstable soil pH. Unstable soil pH can cause trees not to grow healthily. Soil compaction on the other hand can damage the roots of trees. Soil compaction can be caused by weather, time, water and foot traffic.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove trees. Examples are when trees have become old, diseased or when they are in the way of structures. Such trees are a safety hazard and the best solution is to hire an arborist to remove them. By hiring a competent arborist, you can prevent many tree problems.

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