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11 June 2017

Proper Ways Of Planting Seeds In A Seed Tray

By Laura Ellis

Any basic tray can be used because it is cheap and no other ways for you to have the plants to start your garden or farm. A good way can be an egg carton that is a paper material best for you to plant it correctly. Be sure to get a good quality one to make things easier and follow the necessary steps.

First is to determine the right time to plant them. It should depend on the weather and other factors because the planting process would really vary from seed to seed. You have to consider the right procedures as well as the MNDOT mixes that apply. Check its packaging and read all the information written.

You need to keep it simple because each plant has unique requirements when it comes to planting. It helps when you start small by trying a few varieties. Try those that you can have indoors if you are a beginner. Make sure to prepare it properly to ensure that it will grow well. Find out other good choices for beginners as well.

Another thing is the light given for the seedlings. Make sure that the windows are south facing to get a considerable amount of sunlight. Without sufficient light, they will be weak and leggy which is not really good for a plant. If having sufficient amount of sunlight is not attainable, the option is to buy timer or grow lights. It can ensure you of consistent and abundant light to deliver good outcome.

Part of the procedure is considering the goal that you want to achieve. To meet all your goals, proper timing is required. The weather should also be favorable before you begin doing it. Look at its packet as it will tell you the right time to start planting. Its packaging will give the details such as the months and procedures required.

Before you transfer it to your garden, make sure to have the right container by knowing how deep it is and it it has some drainage holes. For DIY experts, recycled paper cups can be used to save some of money of buying the containers. But, you will surely find it convenient to use the intended container for seed starting.

Be sure to prepare as well the potting soil for growing the seeds. The type of soil used must be fresh and well mixed to make sure of its growth. Do not use those from the garden and houseplants. Make sure of it before you start the planting process to save effort and time.

Check every seed packet to determine the required depth you must plant it. Some are really small and you can just sprinkle it right away on the ground. Larger ones must be buried properly. To determine the required depth, read the instructions or ask the experts. To speed the germination, you have to cover the pot with plastic dome or wrap that fits the tray.

As it grows, it should be watered to keep the ground moist. It will absorb the water immediately or if not, you can use a fan to make sure that the air movement is correct. Feed the seedlings with liquid fertilizer mixed with what is being recommended on its packaging.

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