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29 June 2017

Natural Kids Hair Products Save Money

By Sharon Mitchell

It can be tough keeping tresses maintained when a child is active or it seems to have a mind of its own. Little girls tend to have it the hardest because they may have to sit in a chair at the salon instead of being a kid. More parents from Atlanta and surrounding areas are finding natural kids hair products to be the perfect solution for styling woes.

While there are many brands that will stick a label on something and suggest that it is natural or organic, there is a big difference when it comes to the look and feel. Authentic products not only smell good but give the strands moisture that is often lost when it is constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions. Smog, dry heat and hold can be hard and heavy oils can weigh it down.

The natural methods works for just about every texture, even those who have a combination of hair textures. Many have grown up to believe that as long as there is a lot of oil involved, it can moisturize the strands. This belief is common for coarse types, which many believe require heavy oils and heating tools to style.

When heat tools are used often, the need to hydrate the strands increases and using heavy oil just weighs down the style. Doing this repeatedly causes the hair to break at the ends, or wherever the dryness begins. Kids that wear extensions or a perm are especially susceptible to breakage and having a harder time growing a healthy mane.

In order for the mane to remain healthy, it needs ingredients that hydrate the shaft. Aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter are three popular ingredients that have the ability to do this, when used in its purest form. This is different than care products that contain an essence or extract, which is normally listed near the bottom of the ingredients label.

Soft tresses can be styled quickly and many are designed to bring out a natural curl pattern. This is a lot better than using heat or other processes that tend to dry the strands. A single application of a natural ingredients can keep the tresses moisturized for at least one day after a single application. Even extra dry hair does not need more than one daily application.

Shampooing and conditioning hair regularly with natural products eliminates the need to visit the salon. When the tresses are soft and easy to manage, beauty shop visits can be limited to a trim or a special occasion like Easter or the day to take pictures. While some of the products may be priced slightly higher than most commercial brands, there are a couple of things to consider. The first is that quality ingredients are being used and the second is that most formulas are made to last for at least one month.

Many parents who have made the change find their lives a little easier. Along with saving money and not having to take kids to a beauty shop, more are finding the benefits of going natural hard to ignore. In recent, ingredients found in some commercial hair care products have been linked to deadly diseases and some even leave the normal hair overly dry. Most natural products have a nice smell that leaves hair feeling fresh.

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