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28 June 2017

Insights To Gain Spiritual Wealth And Riches

By Joseph Williams

Almost all Bible verses focus on one main thing. That is to fear and follow the Lord. So, allow this article to further introduce you into this way of life. In that way, you can have constant peace in your mind and that is all that matters. Pass this on to your children and you have achieved your legacy.

You should start your path to righteousness. Wealth and riches do not literally mean the riches in this world. When you constantly choose to do good, you will be happy with how your life is turning out to be. Your faith shall be strengthened and that is all you need as of the moment. Belong to the Chosen ones.

You must be kind even you are the only one who chooses to do so in your close group of friends. Plus, do your acts of mercy in silence and without the recognition of others. You only owe it to the Lord to reach out to everyone in need and doing these things can be more fulfilling when they come from the heart.

You should have solid fear of the Lord. When you recognize the Supreme Being watching over you all the time, this is when your words and actions become properly guided. This is essential when you do not want anything stopping you from living a peaceful. This is the best gift which you can give to yourself.

Do good to those who have chosen to hurt you physically or emotionally. You have a God of forgiveness and it would be a shame if you choose to keep all that resentment inside of you. Thus, simply let go of all those ill feelings and lift everything to the Lord. When you meet your enemies again, you would only have a happy disposition for them.

Get rid of that principle that all the money getting into your account is yours. They are blessings from the Lord and they are only bound to be shared to those who need it the most. So, participate in charity events not to be recognized but to have this sense of gratitude in your heart. Become a blessing to more people in this lifetime.

You should learn to personalize your prayers from this point onwards. In that situation, you will more grateful for the life that you have been given. You shall stop abusing your body in different ways and put your energy into activities that are worth living for.

Do not let your pride get the most out of you. One is now a servant of Christ. If other people are not capable of lowering down their pride, be their role mode instead.

What is important is that you know the actions that would put you in Heaven and what would bring you down to Hell. Stick with your morals and try to stay away from all the temptations in the world. Be a living example that it is quite possible to be a modern disciple and succeed.

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