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9 June 2017

Even Carpenters Love Prefabricated Closet Kits

By Margaret Adams

The American public first saw them being built on various home improvement shows which were, at that time, on public television networks all over the country. However, professional organizers had already been using similar techniques when teaching clients to recreate cluttered space. We now see that world of contract construction has started to answer the call for better-built living space created with prefabricated closet kits.

They provide a reasonably affordable method of organizing storage space. This is especially important for very small homes, or older homes which frequently have inadequate closets. One can get them in sets of various sizes, with various cubicles, hanging areas, or shoe slots available.

With their modular capabilities, anyone can remodel storage spaces with or without screws and power tools. Some will snap together, and others can simply be stacked in whatever manner makes most sense to them. While some styles do have brackets which are generally screwed into load-bearing walls, they are not difficult to take down and move to a new location.

When awareness of this product came into the world of construction, the first builders to jump on it were those who create manufactured housing. They soon developed a lightweight, plastic-coated metal style that was much more workable for them. Not only do they help keep the structure within certain weight restrictions required for moving the structure, but they are flexible enough to stay put through however many moves the house will experience.

Of course, the first time the American public saw a personal space being re-imagined, it was done by contractors who made it as a large, wooden structure which had to be built and installed on site. Somewhere along the way, the personal organizing industry was able to create a more standardized style which was marketed in the retail world. By making these wood cubes from particle board, they became a do-it-yourself hit.

People might remember how it took well over two decades for the construction world to take a hint from prefab and build an extravagant bathroom with a walk-in closet. The manufactured home industry was the first to introduce many concepts in construction, which explains their success. However, it did not take such a long time for stick-built homes to include these modular sets in all their new residences.

Now we see the wooden cubes in living rooms, offices, personal libraries, or anywhere else people have need to maximize space. As the millennials have been entering adulthood, their taste for ultramodern, highly functional living spaces means this market continues to grow. It is a perfect way to dress up the sparsely decorated kingdom of the minimalist.

Now we find ourselves in the midst of a micro-home revolution in this country. With the plastic-covered metal bracket styles now available in a variety of designer colors, there are more options in these lightweight, flexible units. For those who live a constantly mobile existence with their tiny home pulled behind them, the lessened weight as well as inherent flexibility are a primary selling point.

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