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18 June 2017

Arguments For A Conservatorship Los Angeles

By Michael Cooper

The U. S. Constitution grants all law abiding citizens a host of rights that cannot be taken away from them as long as they show good judgment. Once people break the law or start showing signs of self-harm, danger to the public, irrationality, or extreme immaturity, those rights might need to be reevaluated. The evaluation process has to go through the courts and could cause a judge to say that a person needs to have someone in control of them. If you are chosen as the person to be in charge, you may need to understand the primary reasons why the court might set up a conservatorship Los Angeles with you as the overseer or conservator.

One of the most compelling arguments to take over such an arrangement over someone else with whom you are friends or to whom you are related involves keeping this person safe from danger. The danger might come from himself or herself. For instance, someone who is not in the right mindset may try to commit suicide or act recklessly. You would be responsible for limiting the person's access to drugs, alcohol, cars, and other things that could cause harm.

The contract likewise would allow you to limit the people with whom the friend or relative could associate. People who want to take advantage of your unsuspecting loved one could land this person in jail or worse. You would have the right to keep those people away and to limit the contact the loved one could have with people you do not trust or know.

The arrangement would also come in handy if you or the relative or friend believe that he or she might be physically or emotionally compromised at some point to where the woman or man would need someone to step in and take control. For example, if this individual knows that he or she will undergo medical treatment that could leave the individual incapacitated for weeks or months, you and the person might enter into the agreement.

Similarly, someone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder may recognize that he or she cannot act in his or her best interests until the condition is brought under control. Rather than act foolishly or dangerously, they might allow you to take over any legal or monetary decisions that must be made while they are on medication or going through shock therapy. Once the treatment is finished and the loved one recovers, the contract can be rescinded.

Making any adjustments or even setting up such an arrangement in the first place is easier when you have a lawyer assisting you. A lawyer who practices in this area of law understands the terms that need to be established. The contract may allow for loopholes to change the terms as needed.

These arrangements are typically reviewed on a yearly basis. If the judge deems the person in question to be legally and mentally sound, the contract could be withdrawn, altered, or reversed. If the individual is not sound, the contract may be extended.

Once you understand why and how a conservatorship in Los Angeles is set up, you can decide if you want to be a part of it. You may realize that it might be the only way to help a loved one in crisis. You also may be relieved to know that it can be a temporary arrangement that is evaluated every year by the judge who oversees the case.

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