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30 May 2017

What To Know About Egyptian Mau For Sale

By Stephen Edwards

Kittens are young or juvenile cats. After they are born they literally dependent to their mother until fully grown into cats. This is because they cannot see, regulate their own body temperature and even urinate without their mother stimulating them. During this period, they only feed on milk which helps them from infectious diseases. It thus helps them grow. Many animal stores worldwide have Egyptian Mau for sale.

There are different types of kittens worldwide.one of the domestic breeds is the Egyptian Mau kitten. The reason as to why they are called Egyptian is because they originated from Egypt. They have different sizes. That is they vary from small to medium sizes. These kittens have short hair and they are also among those kittens that have spots. They move faster because they have their hind legs which are longer than the front legs.

It is said that the ancient Egyptians used to worship gods and goddesses. In the early period, this was recognized to be their way of life their gods and goddesses were represented on sculptures, drawings and were symbolized. Each way had a role to play. That is, there was one for warfare. Natural phenomena such as thunder, rain, drought and fertility were represented using other ways. The gods were honored in a way that their ceremonies were performed by priests.

In Egypt cats were very vital . It was termed as a crime whenever a cat was killed by any individual. Natural spotted cats are the Mau cats. The spots were neither created because of the breed nor human manipulation. It is rare to find these cats especially in these days because of their spots which only occur mainly at the hair tips.

Egyptians held cats with high esteem that they worshipped them. They worshipped a cat goddess that was represented as half feline and half woman. They build a central worship place for this goddess for people to worship daily. Cats were an important part of their culture such that even injuring one of them called for severe punishment to the person involved or even death.

These cats are of different colors. Example, bronze, silver and smoke but almost all have an underlying color of black. One has to check that by looking on their tails. When they are inter-blended, it is not easy for them to produce a fully sported Mau cat. Only half breeds are produced with either half sported or not at all. Usually, the half breeds have rough sports than the pure breeds.

Mau cats are very rare getting a pure breed can be impossible. When considering to buy a Mau cat one has to look out for certain features in order to get the correct breed. Such features include the spotting pattern. It is very distinct and are fully patterned. They are dramatic, classic and eye-catching especially to people.

The Mau cats are designed to have unique and interesting colors compared to common carts. Their hind legs are longer than the front legs. These are the common factors and features an individual should check before getting the cat. Most beautiful animals are the Mau cats. They have a fancy and an outstanding personality. These cats have a strong bond between their owners . They are playful like other dogs.

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