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20 May 2017

The Different Kinds Of Bedbugs And How They'll Annoy Your Household With A Pest Control Service In Westboro MA

By Andreas Paschar

The recent increase in bed bug infestations naturally leaves you nervous about what might be lurking in hotel rooms and dressing rooms. While people often think that bed bugs are all the same, the truth is that there are actually different types. Knowing which type of bed bug you have is essential for choosing the right method for eliminating the infestation from your home so that you and your family are safe from their nasty bites.

Most people usually have the common household bed bug in their homes and these are usually very difficult to identify until the problem has reached a critical level. Tropical versions of this insect also feed on humans and these bugs are generally found in places like Florida that are extremely humid and moist.

Consumers should know that barn swallow bugs actually look very similar to typical bed bugs and these insects are able to enter residential properties whenever lots of birds are migrating.

Given that each of these insects look quite a bit alike, people should use the services for pest control in Westboro MA to positively identify the source of their infestations before attempting to implement solutions.

Finding tiny bite marks across your body immediately after waking up is a very obvious sign of an infestation. There are times when these bits show up in tiny rows or in clusters that indicate that a bug has been feeding. Your bedding may be covered in black specks as well. The mattress seams can even be hiding a few eggs. Bed bugs can be found behind wallpaper and other wall coverings, in carpeted flooring, in draws by the beside and in other areas.

Once bed bugs invade your home, there is little that you can do on your own. This is because bed bugs require a specific control strategy that cannot be found over the counter. Working quickly to get an infestation under control from the moment that you suspect that you have seen a bed bug is critical for avoiding the spread of a problem.

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