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18 May 2017

Political Satire And The Impact It Gives To The Society

By Nancy Perry

Satire is more than a drawing. It communicates people. It inspires. Surely, it might be used in a form of entertainment, however, if you would only think about it, it has a much deeper meaning. After you laugh yourself out loud, silently, these short strips magazines would surely put you into silence. After all, most of them highly expose the truth.

Unfortunately, though, throughout the years, it becomes a place where the abuse of power is highly practiced. If human stand at the top of the food chain, you can say that political leaders stand above all humans. Some of them take their position for granted that they act like a god in their own world. Sad as it may seem, for some countries, that kind of act is quite common. Hence, to express their words and arguments, various active artisans around the world uses Political Satire to comprehend their thoughts.

Even in the old times, that is the purpose of this comic strip. Before, ordinary citizens are not allowed to express and say what they feel. If they want to utter their feelings, it might cause them to lose their life. That is the old era. Right now, thanks to the help of the media and the internet, tons of people become quite vocal in expressing their thoughts.

If you will think about it, even with their positions, these leaders are still humans. Just humans. It is quite sad to threat other so wickedly just because they have what others do not. That is pretty much unfair. As long as greed are there, there is no way peace would rule. People knew that. Surely, most of these political leaders know it too.

If you think about it, everyone is just created equal. No matter how great someone can be, they still have quirks. Regardless how rich you could be, a part of you is still incomplete. Unfortunately, though, instead of resolving and completing this puzzle, tons of people in the government try to fill themselves with the money donated by their people.

If you want to become a good artist in the future, you might be interested in mastering this field, before you continue your journey, though, you need to have your own field of specialty, a specialty that would set you apart from other artists. Right now, expressing your thoughts will never be that dangerous.

Surely, it comes in the form of entertainment. Even so, after you are done laughing, you would understand the hidden message that lies behind it. For those artisans who wants to put a good use of their artistic potential, you could try this field too. You see, if you like to want to know how to communicate to your viewers, you need to hit them with something they can understand.

You must be sensitive after all. Be a responsible artist. A lot of people would be highly influenced by your work. Therefore, try not to throw anything that would highly mislead them. Have some pride and credibility as an artisan. You would surely use that skill and technique, especially, when you master your own talent.

If anything happens to the world, surely, you would greatly be involved. Politics are far more complicated than you could ever imagine. They could control the market. They are not only there to help. Their failures, political misconduct, and disputes would surely affect you in various ways. Remember that.

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