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18 May 2017

Medicare Part A Coverage Basic Information

By Larry Olson

Medicare is a social insurance program which the US federal government administers using different private insurance companies across the country. This is funded by general revenue, surtaxes from beneficiaries, premiums and payroll tax. Those who qualify for this are Americans 65 years old or older and those with certain disabilities.

Medicare has four various parts and each one covers some specific services that can be used depending on the medical needs. Medicare part A coverage is the first one and it covers services in skilled nursing facility, limited home health, hospice and hospital care. Here are some essential details regarding this coverage which you must be informed.

The beneficiary will be receiving hospital expense coverage which are essential when they are an inpatient of the hospital. This includes nursing service, meals, semi private room, medications and other supplies and services from the hospital. It does not include private room cost when you chose to have one unless it is necessary medically and extra charges are not included as well.

Home health care is for those advised in staying at home medically and are not allowed to leave without assistance from transportation, another person or special equipment. Examples of covered services includes occupational and physical therapy. The doctor might order durable medical equipment to be used at home though this would be under part B.

The stay at the skilled nursing facility would be covered only if the stay at the hospital was at least for three days and the day of being discharged is not counted. This coverage includes dietary counseling, meals, medications, nursing service, semi private room, medical equipment and supplies. Your need of staying at the facility because of the needed care being unable to be received when at home.

Hospice coverage are for those that have terminal illness with less than six months left to live as certified by a doctor. The focus here is to relieve pain and make you comfortable instead of curing the disease you have. You must agree to abandon curative treatment for your terminal illness but instead will just receive palliative treatment.

This include service such as social, doctor, hospice aide and nursing plus dietary counseling, pain relief medications, medical equipment and supply. There might be some cost which are not covered usually in hospice like spiritual or grief counseling. The hospice care can be stopped anytime you want to return have curative treatments again.

Enrollment is usually automatic if you are receiving Social Security retirement benefits or from the Railroad Retirement Board when you turned 65. The benefits start at the first day of your birth month though if you were born on the first day then it will start a month before. Your Medicare card would be delivered three months before you turn 65.

If not automatically enrolled because of not being qualified then this must be done manually during the given period that is seven months. The seven months are the three ones before your birthday, your birth month itself and then three months after. Failing to enroll within the period may require you to pay the penalty fee and shall wait for the next general enrollment period.

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