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12 May 2017

Getting The Right Maryland Screen Printing Company Will Help You Shine

By Barbara Robinson

Every business needs publicity. Yours is no different than all of the others. That means you will, at some point, be in the market for banners, T shirts and, possibly bumper stickers. You can get all of these from a Maryland screen printing company that you should have a good relationship with.

When you contact any of these firms you will see a couple of things. One is that some of them are large concerns with a big building. Others will be small and may work out of their garage. Another thing that is obvious is that there will not be a lot of equipment involved in what they do. The frame on a table is the basic set up. A lot of ink and, probably, some mess on the floor as this is not the cleanest operation.

You can contact them by phone or, to get a good look at what they do, drop by to talk to them. You see their work all over the city as you walk or drive. This is visible on the fronts of other businesses and on the T shirts of many people walking around. You might even have one of their pieces on your bumper promoting the next, or last election cycle.

One of the fields that use a lot of screen printing is the political campaigns that happen a couple times a year. They simply could not run that campaign without all of the yard signs, bumper stickers, and banners. You will see these in yards, on cars and be hanging over petition gathering tables in malls and grocery stores.

Screen printing means to use a wood or aluminum frame with a screen stretch across it to make ink flow through the screen. By placing an image on this screen, some of the ink is restricted. This makes an image that can dry to an almost permanent presence.

You can put your brand out there for all to see and can help people see your name everywhere if you want to. If you are promoting or sponsoring a special event, getting T shirts printed with the event on the front and your Logo on the back will go a long way. A banner with your company name on it will attract some attention at the next trade fair your set up at.

If you have a store, you can commission things to be printed on a whole host of things to give away or sell. This includes the cups and mugs you might be thinking about. It could be the magnets people like to put on their refrigerators. The bumper stickers are handy to used as traveling billboards.

One of the great things about this service will be in a wine store you run. You could silkscreen an image on the wine bottle. It might be a nice scene of a vineyard or, maybe, a scene that is closer to home. This local scene could be the logo of another company. You could charge them a slight fee to have these printed and help others in this way.

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