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9 May 2017

Advantages Of Business Portraits Boston

By Carol Harris

Business has for long been a common commercial system. With its onset several years ago, lives have changed with credit to this. It is said that everything in this world has its source. Business Portraits Boston is now being used in various regions. Everything has a place where it started. Business is no exception.

Among the pros are that commercialism has improved living standards. It has also opened doors to various inventions of today. Commercialism has offered job opportunities to those who do not have jobs. Among the cons are that commercialism has brought about social classes. It has incited criminal activities. Commercialism has also brought about self-dependence.

Money is the obvious reason. Why money? There is a common saying that money has made man mad. In a way, this is true. But the blame should not wholly be laid on man. There is reason to believe that man has been left with no option. That is by this money economy.

Look at the things around us. Everything is engulfed by money. It is even said that nothing comes for free nowadays. Therefore, a person will have to make a purchase before gaining ownership of anything. Even simple services are sold. Services like those in the hotel or transportation sector. But nobody is to blame. Everyone does this or that for survival.

However, others could hunt well. That is because of their abilities to do so. Others also planted crops and others did fishing. Therefore, with this difference in activities, people saw the need to exchange what they had with what they did not. That was thus the birthing of business.

Going to the cons, it is also obvious that this system has brought about social classes. This means that the society is no longer one thing as it used to be before. There are now classes of the rich and the poor. The reason is because commercialism only opens doors to people who are willing. It also opens doors to people who are able to venture into trade. Business also requires one to have knowledge on how, where and what.

What is the need of interaction? That may be a common question. But interaction is simply important because no man is an island as it is also said. Remember that one day one may require aid from another person. Therefore, getting to know people is important. It is also important to make several friends. The reason is because we only live once. You only get one shot at meeting people.

Self-dependence is also another result. This means that people have developed the habit of keeping to themselves. As stated people are no longer one big society. The society has been split into individualism. Therefore, your problem is now your own. There is no longer a community to help each other out in such cases. People no longer care about the whole. They only care about themselves. Commercialism therefore as much as it has brought good, it has also brought bad.

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