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3 March 2017

Organic Pest Control Cedar Rapids Iowa For Your Garden

By Christopher Collins

When you're about to create your do-it-yourself organic pest control, make sure that your resources are all-natural. If you happen to use things that are simply processed or toxic, then it certainly defeats the purpose of making something that's whole and untreated. But you can always make some without having to guess which stuff to use as recipes for organic pest control Cedar Rapids iowa will be provided in this article.

One of the latest methods is integrated pest management or IPM, which operates by way of knowing when a problem is likely to occur and also why it occurs. IPM then takes concrete steps to avoid the problem using low hazard control methods as required.

Do it yourself organic insect control can be produced within your capabilities. The free resources that can be found from your home can even make natural pesticide, natural insecticide, repellents and even fungicides recipes. Here are a few recipes that you can try producing on your own:

Spray using Garlic as the main ingredient - Prepare about 3 to 4 ounces of chopped garlic bulbs. Then have these soaked throughout the day in 2 tbsp worth of mineral oil. Also have 1 tbsp of fish emulsion dissolved in water (a pint worth) and have this mixed into your garlic liquid. After mixing both substances, have these strained. Only use this garlic solution by diluting it with water (1 is to 20). This bug pest control can help eliminate insects such as aphids and flies.

Tomato Leaves - For another do it yourself pest regulation, you can use tomato leaves as your main ingredient. Other than the tomato leaves (have these blended), you'll also need about a tablespoon worth of cornstarch and 5 pints of water. Have all of these items mixed together and refrigerated after. You can put the mix inside a spray, as it works wonderfully with flowers such as Roses.

Set up crop traps and row covers to keep garden bugs away. Crop rotation helps to reduce this problem. Use stakes to keep plants off the ground. Maintain a regular watering schedule to avoid drought for your plants. Be vigilant for diseased plants and get rid of them immediately.

Now, also bear into mind not to overdo your applications. Your organic control products should only be used on plants that have been affected. Don't apply on healthy plants if you think they can be spared of this. You should know that the beneficial insects that may also be around can be affected from these products too. So apply with care as well.

First identify the problem and then treat it; the problem could be disease, lack of nutrition, insect or rabbit damage. Insecticides are not going to do much to solve your problem! Being vigilant the IPM way means you don't have to lose your entire crop and you can maintain a balance in your garden

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