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6 March 2017

Looking For The 4PL That Is Right For You

By Maria Carter

A fourth party logistics or 4PL provider is an independent integrator who manages and gather resources, technology and capabilities of its and other organizations to provide supply chain solutions. Whereas third party logistics or 3PL provides expertise your company needs, 4PL coordinates all the logistic activities by your company, including the 3PL. They manage all aspects of supply chain of the client.

Knowing what they can do, you want to look for one you can partner with. 4PL Baton Rouge New Orleans Louisiana have many companies that can provide your logistical needs. They are dedicated to the safety and quality of their operations and are flexible and adaptable to the needs of their customers. Just try to ask these few questions to see if your companies can work seamless together.

Determine if the firm you are looking to hire have similar visions as yours. It is essential to have similar visions on how and where the company going so that you can work together better. Try to know about their visions and culture before committing to them.

See how they run things by visiting their operations and determine if the way they do things matches with their company culture and visions and yours. Meet with the persons in charge face to face and determine if they are sincere on their proposed partnership. Shaking hands with the people you may be working with is important.

Inquire about their financial stability. This may seem an obvious question but do not forget to ask this one as well. Be informed on how are they being funded and who are funding them. Get to know if the company is funded by venture capital funds or privately owned. Also investigate if they are looking to sell their company in the future.

Shipping accuracy metrics must be asked as well as their financial improvements. A good way to get valuable information about this is by checking customer references. Past and current customers could probably provide you with facts regarding on how their company works with their customers.

Question their initiatives with technology and what they are doing to use them to their advantage. Have they put in time and resources in trying to improve their own technologies. Have they also offered their customers that best available technology that can provide you with real solutions.

Ask them on the way they manage the talent that they have. Question them regarding on how they handle their employees like training and recruiting practices. This will show you how they would possibly treat you basing on how they treat their employees.

In a competitive industry, they must know how to retain the top talents that they have. They must do things that will want them to stay and will entice other talented individuals in the industry to want to work with them. It is to your advantage to find a 4PL who is good in this area because you are hiring them to represent the brand that you have.

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