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11 March 2017

How To Face Betrayal Trauma Ontario CA

By Sarah Smith

At one time, you may have felt betrayed by the actions of your best friends. Sometime, kids get hurt by their friends and family members. There are many developing cases of Betrayal Trauma Ontario CA in children who have been abused. Spouses who have gone through domestic violence face difficult times. This even worsens if the victim had close relationship with the perpetrator.

People who depend on others for food, financial or emotional support feel abused if that person betrays them. Such individuals lose the trust they had with abusers. In most cases, coping results in deliberate unawareness or betrayal blindness. Whether it was a simpler or extreme case, this memory lasts in a life time.

The amount of betrayal depends on the level of trauma. In most cases, victims will shun ideas of confronting the perpetrators. This is because most of them depend on their abusers. In order to cope, they end up shutting their subconscious ability to recall the events. This may go on for several years. Victims may also have symptoms of panic attack, anger, anxiety, alexithymia and suicidal behavior. They have poor health.

Suppressing memories of a traumatic event lead to dissociation. This is inability to integrate thoughts, experiences and feelings. Such individuals are detached from reality. They may have memory loss, fragmentation of identity and post-traumatic stress disorder. In some instances, betrayal trauma results in auditory and visual hallucinations. They tend to hear voices of their abusers.

Research in psychology has shown that individuals who have psychoses may have painful childhood memories. They have a lot of hallucinations. People who faced stresses after bullying, parental death and interpersonal crises may become psychotics. This is because betrayal blindness is closely associated with psychoses. This is associated with diminished trust. Childhood trauma tends to affect individuals throughout their life. Sexual abuse results in severe dissociations.

It is advisable that victims seek early treatment from therapists. It is hard to find own solutions. Destructive symptoms affect them to a great extent. People say that wounds eventually heal. This cannot happen without expert intervention. They have to be taught on how to cope with normal routines. Anxiety or depression hinders work to a great extent.

It is common for victims to feel upset all at all times. It becomes frustrating when your workmates feel your pain. There is a feeling of loss of energy. These individuals are mostly lethargic. Children who have faced rejection from their parents suffer a lot. At this age, children really trust their primary caregivers. That is why the victims are deal with a lot of confusion in their lives.

People will complain of experiencing nightmares. Children cannot trust anyone. They are faced with bad memories. The bad thing is that they cannot get out of these situation alone. Professional involvement really matters. They know better approach to dealing with depression and anxiety. Affected individuals in the city of Ontario CA can seek help from online platforms. They are told to raise their issues.

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