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2 March 2017

Enhancing Your Faith And Fellowship With The Resurrection Church

By Douglas Ward

Tears, pain, and suffering. They are quite common in these worlds. Regrets, mistakes, and failures, everyone must have experienced a lot of those things from the past. However, do not give up. It is not your place to let go. You are not alone in the battle. This world is not permanent. This is not the world that everyone has been dreaming for.

You should never complain about the things you have experienced right now. It is not your place to complain how pity your current situation can be. If you thought that joining the Resurrection Church SC would greatly give you a comfortable and assuring life, your giving faith a bad name. The church has no power to give you that kind of future.

No matter how much you try so hard, there is no guarantee that you can keep your faith forever. As you know very well, the world is tainted with sins. Your experience in life, the suffering you have been through from the past and the bad things that are done to you, all of these can greatly influence your personality. It would greatly affect your beliefs and perception in life.

He died for you. Just think about the heavy emotion He felt when He carried the cross on top of the mountain. Before then, He was tortured by the very people He loves. He did not complain. Rather, even with all the struggles and suffering He been through, He preferred to love you and save your sins.

All of it would just return into you. Do not treat God as a machine. If you think that God is someone who can answer all your prayers, you are wrong with that. Indeed, God is the king of heaven and earth. Aside from that, though, you should never forget the fact that he is hurting. He knows how it feels to be hurt from you.

He is the living God, destined to rule over the Earth and Heaven. Even so, he tried to suffer a lot of humiliations just to save your sins. He was pained. He was tortured. He was tortured and crucified for the sin that He never created. Knowing that you should start repenting for your sins.

God is not invisible. That is a fact. He is hurting when you cry. He is suffering every time you sinned. Even so, due to his great mercy and kindness, He decided to forgive you and your sins. He decided to do it out of His love and compassion. He did it because He cares. Even if those things highly mean putting His life into jeopardy.

He never leaves your side. Even today, while you are crying or confuse, He is just watching you. The Lord weeps too. That is why, endure for now. Endure before His time comes. When He arrives, He would greatly judge everybody. Whether they are dead or alive, He would judge all of them. There are lots of people in this world who are invited on His kingdom. However, only a few of them are given the opportunity to get pass through the gate.

You may die tomorrow, next day or next year. The future is full of uncertainties. You would never know of your own destiny. You will never even know what will happen to your loved ones. That is the reality. Even with all of that, you should never lose some faith in Him. These are just challenges you would need to surpass while you are still alive. Endure, suffer, and be humiliated. These are the only way to reunite with Him.

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