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7 March 2017

CMAS Contract And The Things To Know About It

By Jerry Rogers

The Federal Supply Service of the General Service Administration operates the federal schedule program. The FSS under the program rewards contracts and catalogs, which is commonly called as federal supply schedules, reflecting this contracts. These are used by the government buyers to placed orders directly with vendors that have schedule contracts and avoiding public bidding process.

MAS or Multiple Award Schedules are schedules of federal supply that awards contracts to 2 or more contractors with similar services or products at similar prices. The quantity of contractors which had gotten the award from a common bid or from negotiation process is what the multiple award is referring to and does not refer the customers. The California CMAS contract and the things to know about it will be stated below.

You can look for a CMAS contractor on the website if you are an agency of the government that is looking for one. When you want to request a copy of their contracts, they are contractually obliged to do so. The CMAS products and services, which both include information technology and those that are not, are limited only to 15 per contractor.

A few products or services are unavailable or allowed through CMAS program. These include works that must be performed by individuals with licenses like engineers, architects and land surveyors or anything related to environmental work. Also excluded are public works such as construction, alteration, erection, repair or improvement of public structures.

Legal service and also financial audits need to provide an approval from the officials assigned to give these approvals. Written approvals must be presented that states and explain the reason in acquiring the service or product of the contractor. Paper works and specific requirements must be prepared and submitted too.

Their pricing must not exceed the pricing stated by the GSA. These prices are determined if the prices offered are fair and reasonable by comparing it to the prices they offer their commercial customers. Contract prices are connected to commercial practice so that GSA pricing may remain competitive over time.

The State of California establish contracts basing on the previously bid services, products and pricing that were offered and awarded by a GSA schedule and not by competitive bid process. They use a nondependent California contract and not a GSA authorized FSS for the similar or same things offered. The contractor will be marketing and distributing them once they are awarded and will be providing quarterly reports on their sales transactions.

The term of the contract starts upon its award and ends on the date referenced on the GSA schedule. But with a three month extension given to allow for processing extension or renewal. Although extensions or renewals do not automatically occur when the GSA schedule term is extended or renewed.

Applying for CMAS does not require a fee. Sales made to State agencies by the contractors does not have a fee while a 1 percent fee must be paid to the local government agency. California certified small business contractors need not pay any administrative or incentive fees.

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